Saturday, March 30, 2013

Being a Teacher...

I may not be a teacher by profession, but I know that I am a teacher by heart. Here are some of my students' letter for me. These are farewell and valentine's day letters from my advisory class and some of them were given to me while I'm having my lecture. LOL.

P.S. spellings and capitalizations are based on their actual letters.

- To T. Edward, From: Gabby.... Happy Valentine's Day!! (Gabby once made his Filipino exam perfect! 60/60..)

- One of my "POGI TEACHERS" Teacher Edward D. Wong.... By: Christelle Nicolette J. Bungubung "Maganda" (Christelle is my smartest student in Grade 4)

- Sana po Ika po ang adviser hangang grade 3.... Love, Ashley (Ashley is one of my cutest Grade 2 student)

- (in a customized envelope) To: Teacher Edward, from: Arnold... (a folded paper) To: T. Edward ang Pogi kong Adviser, from: Arnold.. (when unfolded) Sory teacher Edward kung Naging Makulit ako sa lahat ng subject Sory talagateacher.  I love You.. (he made a confession! I only teach 1 subject to them.)

- To: Teacher Edward, From: Carl ... Dear Teacher Edward, Salamat po sa pag-aaral na ibinigay ninyo sa
amin. Salamat din sa pagbibigay ng trivia sa amin. You student, Carl... Dominican always a Dominican.. (ano daw?)

- T. Edward (double underline), Ang adviser naming POGI! To: T. Edward, Fr: Donna fr Grade 3 I LOVE YOU! Dear T. Edward, T. Edward thank you na tinuturuan nyo po kami ng mga alam nyo po at sorry po na minsan nasasabi ko na masmahal nyo po ang ibang grade school (lol she means grade level) kagaya ng grade 4 at 2 pero nalaman ko rin po na masmahal nyo po kami sorry din po na nagagalit po kayo sakin at mamimis ko po kayo kung marami lang kami ni momy pera pupuntahan ko po bahay nyo po at t. Edward alam nyo po na favorite kitang teacher kasi po mabait ka at naniniwala akong POGI po ikaw! (One of my believers!!)
I Love you! T. edward, Love, Donna.

- PARA SA POGING ADVISER.. Dear T. Edward, Sana maging teacher ka pa rin namin next school year. We will miss you!!! Yoe. (She is my class president)..

- To: T. Poging Edward.. Always pray po. Dear Teacher Edward, Thank you po teacher pogi (wow ha..) for helping me and thank you rin po for teaching us even we are noisy and makulit po. Thank you po sa lahat. (with a drawing of a girl holding a flash card saying "Thank you po!", a boy who is holding its mouth with a POGI t-shirt with a box saying "Best Teacher Goes to.", then an arrow going downwards "Sr. Edward pogi D. Wong.. Your loving student Chance, (she has a very nice handwriting and she is one of my most behave student)

- (This letter was attached from the gift of my students' mommies) On the left is my students' signatures. Yoe, Chance, Arnold, Nica, Donna, Brandon, Denise, CHLOEY, Prinz, Patrick, Ezekiel A Mehid, Ramir, Kalinisan, Hans, Micaela, Gab, Joshua, and Jae Anne. On the right.. March 14, 2014.. Teacher Edward, Thank yo for being a kind and nice teacher. Goodluck to your new career. We love you. We'll miss you. Love, Gr. III - Feliciano Cabuco. (They knew that I'm going to leave the school to study medicine this coming school year..)

- from: RB (double underline), To: T. Edward (double underline).. Dear T. Edward (no comma) Kung dahil sayo po maraming akong natutunan at nalaman sayo. thank you po (no period) Nagmamahal, Rhenz (RB is my most improved student)

- Wong Power!! (LOL!!!!) to: T. Wong, from: Prinz (with a big HEART).. Tinuruan kami kahit Nagagalit siya saamin. at sana hindi masira araw nyo po! I May your summer be happy!! (ano daw? LOL! He meant "pray".. Prinz is my math olympian!!)

- From: Patrick, to: teacher Edward POGI!! (I guess the word "POGI" has a size of font 40 so he really mean it!!).. Dear Teacher Edward, Salamat teacher Edward sa lahat ng tinuro niyo sa akin maraming salamat talaga !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love Patrick, (with a signature.. Patrick is very good in role playing)

- Thank you teacher Edward for Everything for teaching us GMRC Filipino and Homeroom thanks foreverything happy summer day from: Kiel thank you for teaching (I bet that this student will become the President of the Philippines someday..)

- From Hans.. Hans Gabrel R. Bergado.. T. Edward.. Sorry po T. Edward na naging malikot ako thank you po T. edward kase po naging makulet po ako. (He's thanking me for his naughtiness, omg).. salamat T. Edward.. Thank you.. T. Edward at Inalagaannypo ako :) :) Hans.. (He is 1 of my most playful student but loves cleaning the room :) )..

- (outside the envelope) I Love You Sir Edward D. Wong... We miss you Sir Edward D. Wong.. (Inside the letter) Dear Sir Edward, Thank you po sa lahat ng hirap na pagtuturo na ginawa mo sa aming lahat sorry sa nagawa kong kasalanan (I can't remember any.. ano kaya yun??) I love you Sir Edward.. Salamat sa T. Kong pinakagwapo sa buong Mundo (Yes! She really wrote that!!) :) thanks Teacher Edward .. Love, CHLOEY.. (Chloey has the Cutest Giggle Award and one of my smartest student)..

- (This is from my British student.. He loves wrestling!!) T. Edward, from Joshua.. Joshua Heffernan 3 FC.. Dear Teacher Edward, Thank you teacher Edward for teaching us and being here for us. I hope you will Still be teaching here. Thank you for all the help & Love you have given to us. I will miss you! :( from Joshua.. (Told yah.. He is the most behave guy in my room.. He also knows how to speak Filipino.)

- (NO NAME.. There's a drawing of a boat in the middle of the sea and 2 stick man holding their hands
together with a heart in between. Me and sir Edward..)

- To Tr. Edward (double underline) From Zean.. Dear Tr. Edward.. Thank you for teacher me Ilove u.. From Zean.. (He is my vice president and the most fluent speaker in my class. He is my top 1 during the 2nd Grading Period)

- Gabriel Tabaniag.. OPEN.. KEROKEROPE drawing.. Dear T. Edward Wong.. Marami po ako natutunan po sayo at salamat po sa pagtuturo saakin kagaya ng pang-ukol pang-angkop at iba pa maraming salamat po T. Edward I Heart you. (Kerokeropi drawing.. TEKU TEKU..) NAGMAMAHAL: GABRIEL.. (He is the trademark of my class. But if you can see his handwriting, it's very neat!)..

- To: T. Edward .. From: Brandon.. (There is a big heart and with a note in it "Thank you T. Edward We Heart You Thank you & God bless).. Dear T. Edward, Thankyou for teacher us in Filipino. I am so grateful that you were my adviser. I know that  time has past but I will always remember the things we learned and did in the past months. Love, Brandon. (As you can see, he is the most fluent in English Speaking in my class aside from Joshua.. He is a very smart student..)

- I Love you Sir Edward :) From: Nica..I love you Sir Edward you are the Best Teacher on the world :) (aaaahhhhh...... :( .. ) A big heart, Very sorry po Sir :).. Sorry! Sir Edward na nagaabsent ako at nagkukulit po kami ayaw ka po namin magalit sa amin dahil ayaw po namin masaktan ngayong araw na ito dahil last day na po very very sorry po talaga I Love you.. (Take note, I'm not hurting them. I just scold them when they are noisy.. She is the most behave gal in my class..)

- to teacher Edward.. from: Dexie.. (it seems she doesn't want me to read her letter because it is tightly
sealed with Scotch Tape! Lol!) Dexie... I love you teacher Sana teacher dito ka parin sa st. Dominic. I love you. Ikaw ang pinaka active lang na teacher dito (active lang?? Haha!) Gusto ko po teacher yung mga trivia nyo. Mamimiss kita. I love you. teacher sorry pinapapagod namin kayo dahil makulit kami. love you.... Paparapapa love ko si Wong.. (Hearty is my bunso in the class. Her classmates were already 9 y.o. while she's only 7! but she manages to be on top 3.. On another piece of paper "Bye teacher Another school year. Another teacher. Another Classmates [with a big :( ] .. I love You... Dexie.. " Oh my God. I almost cried while reading this.. Another piece of paper pa pala.. "Manalo manatalo cute parin si Wong SDC Basic ED Love koto.. As we gather.... always remember that..")

- To: Teacher Edward D. wong.. From: Micaela.. To our poging adviser: Teacher Edward D. Wong.. Thank you Teacher edward for guiding us through the whole school year .. We love you! Micaela.. (One of my consistent topnother in the class.. )

- WE LOVE YOU.. dear teacher Edward.. Thank you for giving us happiness, and giving us good manners.. We love You po.. (This is from Jemjem, one of my cutest student..)

- from To Teacher Edward.. from Prinz.. One's heart is a heart Everyone And God. Share your heart at Philipines.. Its More fun inthe Philipines. (LOL!!! This 1 made my day.. Mind you, this is a valentine's day letter) Dear Teacher Edward, As the centuries go, No Technology Next, classic technology then, Little Modern technology to, to, Modern technology.. No me to Clowns to celebrities to Vice Ganda (ANO DAW??!!) You can comment there ---> .. (No comment.. Hahahaha!)

- To: Tr. Edward.. HAPPY VALENTINE DAY!! Teacher Edward.. FROM: Denise Burca.. Tr. Edward
Poging adviser ko... Tr. Edward is good adviser to us and Tr Tina because you make us happy and Teaching us properly and i hope when i'm grade five i will never see you (OMG she doesn't want to see me again :( haha!) but i will visit you and i promise i will be the good student in St Domini thank you Tr. Edward.. We will be all together.. a big heart for Tr. Edward..  (One of my cutest and behave student.. She is so sweet and she even cried at home when she knew that I am going to leave..)

- HAPPY Valentines Day!!! From: Chance.. To: T. Pogi.. Teacher i promise that i will be a good girl and not noisy thankyou teacher for taking care of us and your my best teacher.. T. Pogi..

-Happy Valentine's Day!!! To: Teacher Edward.. From: Micaela.. Thank you teacher edward for teaching us. Love, Micaela..

- Happy Valentine's Day!!! (with quotations, LOVE is Blind.. You ain't Buy LOVE.. You have to love PEOPLE).. T. Edward.. Sorry po hindi ko nagawa assignment ko at sorry po na minsan maingay ako. Teacher Edward thank you po na mabait ka po sakin thank you for your kindness, and also your lovelyness. Teacher Edwawrd I promise that I will study hard so I can be top 5 and You are the best teacher Ever! For me you are my Mr. Pogi.. (Oh so sweeet... :)

- valentime's day.. from: Ramir E. Ramos Jr.. to: teatcher Edward wong.. Dear teatchear Edward.. Sorry teatchear Edward in Jan 10, 2013 in a Assingment but i will do my best to you bueceasyour like my father all of us love you teatchear Edward and if you have a kid i want to say Congrats to you (LOL, I don't even have a girlfriend..) and you are cool guy i have ever see and i promiss i will never be noisy ever again. AM SORRY teather Edward. AM sorry teather Edward.. (Ramir is a Manchester model.. He also loves singing and has a good penmanship .. also one of my most playful student..)

- THANK YOU.. Dear Sir Edward.. I'm always at your side.. Love, YOE..

- You're trully yours! (of course!) fr: Chance.. Thank you teacher Edward for teaching us even we are noisy, standing and not listening..

- Merry Chritmas Tearchers.. salamat po na tinuturuan ninyo po kami at good bless at merry christmas.. (No name on it..)

- To: Teacher Edward Wong.. HAPPY VALENTINE From: Ashley..Dear Teacher Edward, I wish that you will have a long loves. And Pls. teach us more lessons about Filipino and Sibika.. Happy Valentine..

- Happy Valentimes Day.. To: T. EDWARD From: GIA.. (Gia, also called Giyaken.. LOL because she always cry.. But one of my most loving Grade 2 student..)

- to: tr. edward .. from: sandy.. happy valentines day.. A big heart.. * mag aaral ako ng mabuti.. * gagawin ko ang assignament ko.. * magbebehave kami.. ako ay Pilipino.. (Sandy is one of the cutest girl in Grade 2.. I'm happy that she is proud to be a Filipino :)..

- To: Tr. Edward De Leon Wong (Wow! She knows my full name!) .. Fr: Czarina Kyle E. Dajoya.. Happy
Valentine's Day

- Happy Valentines Day (with many hearts around.. Teacher Edward.. Happy Valentines Teacher Edward.. Gaille.. (Gaille is also sweet. I will never forget the day when she gave me chocolates!)

- Happy Valentines Day, Tr. Edward! Dear Teacher Edward, We love you so much! Thank you for teaching us! I will miss you! Please keep this card for remembrance! - Jemx2, and Ara :0 and Donna :) we are best friends.. Written by: Ara, Donna, and Jem 2x.. (Aravela, one of my students who loves to hug.. I miss her so much. She wrote this letter on the day she will leave the school. I'm hoping to see her again SOON...)

- Happy Valentines Day, Teacher Edward!.. Dear Edward, (Wow! Tropa kami haha!).. We love you so much. You are my favorite teacher because you are good! Sincerely, Ara and Jem-Jem..

- Teacher Edward, Thank you for being a good listener when we have problems, good leader & second father to us. Thank you for correcting our mistakes. Thank you for teaching us very well. I Heart U! Thank you for treating us well. Christelle.. Ito na po yung remembrance ko sa inyo..

.. Oh my God!! I miss these kids! I miss teaching them. I miss everything!!!

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